Totobory is one of the Super 7. He is 8 years old. His Super Sense is taste. He can use his leaves to taste things without actually eating the food. His leaves also act like tentacles that allow him to pick things that are either far away or high up

Totobory is Noonbory's right-hand Superbory, because he stays with him on missions sometimes. Totobory apparently dislikes bitter tree bark and loves honey, yet he doesn't eat so much as that could be....well, too much! He is able to taste things with his tentacle-like leaves without digesting them. He once had a crush on Lunabory, but since then, he decided to break up with her and now he has a crush on the new bory, Pink-Aru. His sense is Taste, and his symbol is four orange circles. Totobory is a fine and brave and hungry bory, and his friend Is Gemma Jones (Gemma is not a bory) and he is 16 in 2017

About HimEdit

Color: Brown

Gender: Male

Super Sense: Taste

Features: Green collar, two leaves on his head

Age (as of 2009): 8, (in 2017: 16)

Crush: PinkAru (used to be lunabory)

Nicknames: Toto, Photobomber

Best Friend: (as of 2017: Gemma Jones)

Catchphrases: I like the taste of that!

Voice Actor: Markian Tarasuik

MrMenCentral FanonEdit

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