This airs on the new Sonic-Nickelodeon.

The cosmic balance and harmony of Noonbory's world are maintained by a mystical object known as the Great Protoon. One day, the mysterious ninja Wasigury steals the Great Protoon, defeating Behibory as he attempts to protect it. As a result, the Electoons – benevolent creatures which gravitated around the Great Protoon – are scattered across the world. In the now-unbalanced Toobalooba, hostile Ninjaguryies appear and imprison the Electoons in cages. The Magician, a benevolent wizard, calls upon Agu, a mutated Dotori, to warn the Superboryies about the incident to give powers they can use to free the Electoons; Jetybory now have invisibility, Lunabory can blind a Ninjagury, Cozybory has latent telekinesis which she can move an object with her mind, Pondgybory is more strong, and Totobory is more intelligent; defeat Wasigury and recover the Great Protoon.

After defeating Bilegury on Jungle Island, they find Wasigury and tell him to give back the Electoons. However, he says he will only do so if Jetybory would marry him. Jetybory says she would rather die, so Wasigury decides to show how powerful he is. To do this, he goes into the island volcano and places a time bomb in it, which would make the volcano erupt and cause Toobalooba to sink. Noonbory and his friends see his airship by the volcano and enter the volcano. Inside, they meet the Sphinxster, who only communicates by making a kissing noise.

They learn Wasigury's plan after long journeying; he attempts to kill all bories by drawing it close to the sun to destroy Toobalooba with a pile of the Electoons.

The bories bombard the pile with time-delay bombs which explode on the pile, causing the pile to fly up into space, freeing the Electoons which land safely on the floor. The bories are hailed as heroes and keep their powers. Agu is made an official Superbory, to the happiness of Mamby and the Sphinxster gets a lot of dates.

In space, the Ninjaguries celebrate their accomplishment of finally reaching the sun, albeit caught in the moon's gravitational orbit and presumably, dying in the sun.