PinkAru is the newest member of the Super 7. She may be Noonbory's little sister, but this has not been confirmed. It is unknown what her superpower is.

A cute little bory who may be Noonbory's little sister, and Totobory's crush. Her head is egg-shaped and she has discovered she has a superpower, which is something she progressively learns about. Her sense is unknown as of yet. Her symbol is a yellow swirl.

About HerEdit

Gender: Female

Features: Pink hair, pink dress

Age (as of 2009): 5. and 2017: 13

Crush: Totobory

Nickname: Pink, Pinky, egghead

Catchphrases: unknown

MrMenCentral FanonEdit

  • It is confirmed that she is Noonbory's sister.
  • Her power is super-thinking. She can think of something, and it happens. This can be a problem sometimes. For example, one time she accidentally used it to conjoin Busterbory and Babsybory. She is unable to use this power when she gets the Tooba-Achoobas.

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