Noonbory and the Super Seven International Releases Edit

Here's a list of Noonbory International Releases.

Country Title Language Channel/Air Date
South Korea Superbory Senses Korean MBS 1
United States Noonbory and the Super Seven English CBS KEWLopolis/Cookie Jar TV
Latin America Noonbory y los Super Siete Latin American Spanish Sorpresa TV
Turkey Afacan ve Yedi Kafadar Turkish TRT Cocuk
Greece SuperBory and the Magical Seven Greek StarTV's STARLAND
Portugal Noonbory e os Super Sete European Portuguese RTP2 (2009-Present), Canal Panda (2008)
Spain Noonbory y los Super Siete Castilian Spanish ClanTV (ES, 2009-Present), Canal Panda (2008)

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