Jetybory is a 10 year old magenta bory who is the smallest Bory, next to Mamby. She also can easily lose her temper and be rather boyish, stubborn and extremely bossy all the time, especially in the way she's either lying down standing or sitting, however, deep down, she still has a good heart. Jetybory can hear things and fly with her ear-like ponytails. She also like to play with Dot, and hang out with Noonbory and the others. She may have strong feelings for him and so may he.

About HerEdit

Color: Magenta

Gender: Female

Super Sense: Sound/Hearing.

Features: Pink ear-like ponytails, which she uses to super-hear and to fly.

Age (as of 2009): 9.

Times she got the tooba-achoobas: Twice.

Crush: Noonbory

Nickname: Jety and Sound.

Catchphrases: "I'm all ears!"

Voice Actor: Margaux Miller


  • Surprisingly, her full name is Jetybory Sound.
  • Many fans, even the website spell her name with 2 T's, but her name only has 1 T in it.

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